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Need a 'Scandal' season finale drinking game? It's handled!

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Scandal Wine

Nobody does a season finale quite like Shonda Rhimes, and because of that, nobody needs a finale drinking game more than Scandal fans. And considering Thursday night’s finale quite literally features a bomb, that glass of wine is probably looking better than ever (if you’re of age, of course).

So in honor of Olivia Pope’s love of red wine, we’ve made this a wine-specific drinking game. We have no idea what to expect heading into tonight, but at least we can give you this much. Follow the rules below to play along, and as always, please drink responsibly:

Take one sip if …

-Huck and Quinn have a cringe-worthy make-out session

-Olivia says “It’s handled”

-Someone gets tortured

-Olivia wears white

-The vein in Cyrus’ forehead looks like it’s about to pop

Take two sips if …

-Jake and Olivia kiss

-Olivia and Fitz kiss

-Mellie slaps someone

-Any of Fitz’s children show up

-Jake is shirtless (fingers crossed!)

Take three sips if …

-Sally, Leo and/or Andrew dies

-Papa Pope dies

-Charlie finds out about Huck and Quinn

-Fitz loses the Presidential election

-Jerry is not Fitz’s son

Down the whole glass if …

-Harrison gets shot

-One of our own is somehow a traitor

-Someone is related to a really bad person

-Mellie finally tells Fitz about the rape

-Cyrus does something worse than standing by while people get blown up

Down the whole bottle if …

-Fitz dies (or anything of an equivalent shock factor)

Good luck, and cheers! The Scandal finale airs tonight at 10 p.m. on ABC.