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'The Voice' leads Tuesday ratings despite drop

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The Voice 02

Several broadcast shows dipped to season or series lows Tuesday night, such as ABC’s block including Agents of SHIELD, and most of NBC’s lineup including The Voice and About a Boy.

In particular, SHIELD was down 15 percent (though tends to rise a little bit in the national ratings in the afternoon), Goldbergs was down 7 percent and Trophy Wife fell 20 percent. The Voice and About a Boy both dropped 10 percent, with Growing Up Fisher down 6 percent and Chicago Fire steady. CBS and Fox were fairly stable with last week, and The CW had repeats:

NET/TIME/SHOW  18-49 rating  total viewers (+000)
FOX 8-9P GLEE- 1.0 2,794
9:00P MINDY-4/8 S 1.0 2,267
9:30P MNDY PRJCT- 1.1 2,358
ABC 8-9P MARVL-SHLD- 1.7 4,907
9:00P GOLDBERGS- 1.4 4,301
9:30P TROPHY WIF- 0.8 2,548
10-11P RESURRECTN RS 0.5 1,881
CBS 8-9P NCIS- 2.6 17,184
9-10P NCIS:LA- 2.3 14,365
10-11P PERSON-INT- R 1.2 8,021
NBC 8-9P VOICE-TUE- 2.8 10,833
9:00P ABOUT-BOY- 1.8 7,143
9:30P GRWNG-FSHR- 1.5 5,624
10-11P CHCGO FIRE- 1.9 7,013
CW 8-9P ORIGINALS- R 0.3 736
9-10P HUNDRED- RS 0.2 764