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'The Voice': Who's on our Top 20 power list?

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Tyler Golden/NBC

If you’ve stuck with the sixth season of The Voice, you may be incredibly relieved to know that we’ve finally arrived at the Top 20, narrowing down some less-than-stellar talent to the best of the best. Or, most of the best. In truth, there are still some stragglers who have yet to prove themselves, but the playoff rounds (beginning April 8) should weed out the less impressive folks and leave us with a pretty nifty Top 12, worthy of performing in front of the voting public.

Before the next round begins, here’s the breakdown for this season’s first power list. Two more players from each team will be knocked off before the live shows begin, so logic takes precedence here. It’s worth pointing out that Team Shakira’s players barely crack the top ten, while the other three coaches each stand a chance of winning.

Check it out, and yell at me if you disagree. I can take it.

20. Ryan Whyte Maloney (Team Blake)

With little fanfare to his battle performances, Blake is likely to knock off former garbageman Ryan in favor of the other gent on his team, Jake Worthington.

19. Madilyn Paige (Team Blake)

It’s no fault of Madilyn’s, but since Blake would be insane to get rid of Sisaundra or Audra, the sweet-voiced Madilyn is the second probable boot during the playoffs.

18. Melissa Jimenez (Team Usher)

Thanks to Stevie Jo, Bria Kelly, and TJ Wilkins, the spunky MJ doesn’t stand much of a chance of staying on Usher’s team through the live rounds.

17. Patrick Thomson (Team Shakira)

Shakira sees something in Patrick, that’s clear, but what is it, exactly? He’s fine in a county fair kind of way. I wouldn’t be upset if Shakira ditched the only guy on her team, but frankly I wouldn’t count on it either considering Shakira’s track record of mostly heinous decisions throughout this entire season (RIP everyone good on her team).

16. Kat Perkins (Team Adam)

Kat may have knocked Dawn & Hawkes back to the Bushwick Urban Outfitters, but I don’t suspect much staying power when Adam’s team is already stacked with camera-ready YouTube stars Jake and Christina, and powerhouse Delvin.

15. Morgan Wallen (Team Adam)

Just like with Kat, there’s simply no room for someone like Morgan to make it past the playoffs. The good news is that there’s a remake of Point Break coming out soon, so, hey, there’s that.

14. Deja Hall (Team Shakira)

Deja has promise, but she might be a little too young for this competition, as she too often speaks about not connecting with a song’s emotionality all while looking like a deer in headlights.

13. Dani Moz/12. Tess Boyer (Team Shakira)

Dani and Tess could go either way—if Shakira keeps one, she’ll lose the other. Tess has the stronger vocals and the booming personality to stick around, but Shakira might see something in Dani and her uncanny ability to showcase a blazer like Olivia Pope.

11. Josh Kaufman (Team Usher)

It’s a damn shame that Josh Kaufman is likely the fourth most promising player on Team Usher, because that means he’s the most likely to be eliminated before the live shows begin. Thankfully, Josh was stolen and isn’t already departed, so I’m placing him at #11 while I still can.

10. Jake Worthington (Team Blake)

He’s largely unassuming and not the most adrenaline-filled performer, but Blake’s ties to Jake are very evident, and it’ll be hard for the Shelt to let this one go. When America has its say, things will be different, but until then, Jake will stick around.

9. Kristen Merlin (Team Shakira)

I’m going out on a limb here and predicting that Kristen Merlin is actually pretty fantastic. She survived two battles, yet viewers got to see neither. In re-watching her original audition, I can remember being impressed, and there has to be a reason Shakira stuck with Kristen, even if the show’s editors didn’t.

8. Christina Grimmie (Team Adam)

YouTuber Christina had a lot of momentum after her blind audition, but recent weeks have shown her to lose steam. She was once a frontrunner, so expect her to be carried into the live shows, but she’ll have to re-impress and gain back her lost oomph to keep her place.

7. Bria Kelly (Team Usher)

Bria seems to have impressed a lot of my recap commenters, and I’m enamored with the promising little lady’s big ol’ voice. I just need to see some more personality from her, because currently she’s only got half the star package.

6. Delvin Choice (Team Adam)

Adam can’t praise Delvin enough, and he has every reason to: there’s a power to Delvin’s voice that is singular in the competition, and certainly on his own team. There’s no way Adam will let Delvin go in favor of the milquetoast Kat and the milquer-toaster Morgan.

5. TJ Wilkins (Team Usher)

TJ was an early shiner, but I have faith that he’ll continue to impress during the playoffs. After Stevie Jo, he has potential to be Usher’s other top player, depending on the performance of Bria.

4. Jake Barker (Team Adam)

It’s not that Jake’s voice is the most incredible or that he’s the most handsome, but he’s simply the most well-packaged, Hollywood-ready item in Adam’s glass menagerie, and that counts for something. He’s a shoo-in for the live shows, but if Christina Grimmie reclaims her star and Delvin continues to power through the vocals, Jake stands to fall far down the list.

3. Stevie Jo (Team Usher)

If you asked me a few weeks ago, Stevie Jo wouldn’t have even been on my radar, but there’s a certain toothy charm to him (and a killer voice to match) that makes Stevie my underdog pick to last through the finals. He just needs to figure out his image, as I’m finding it difficult to decide what kind of artist he wants to be.

2. Audra McLaughlin (Team Blake)

Audra needs a little personality pop, but when it comes to pure performance, she’s a force. I’ve loved Audra since her first audition, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that she’s got a particularly fantastic musician name.

1. Sisaundra Lewis (Team Blake)

The hills are alive with the Sisaund of music, and they’re never going to stop while this powerhouse is in the competition. Of course, being one of the oldest in the competition could hinder her chances down the line, but for now, she’s the easy frontrunner.

That’s my list — who’s on top of yours?