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'Shameless' shocker: Cast tweets reactions to surprise [spoiler]

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Shameless Finale
Chuck Hodes/SHOWTIME

Did you catch Sunday night’s shocking season finale of Shameless? If you did, you likely gasped at the bad-ass return of (SPOILER!) the previously-thought-dead Jimmy/Steve—and hey, you weren’t the only one to clutch your pearls.

Judging by the cast’s reactions on Twitter, not even the actors in the Gallagher clan were aware that Justin Chatwin’s perennially troubled rich kid would turn out alive, after the season three finale found him presumably dead in the water after he was escorted onto the yacht of a Brazilian mafioso who had every reason to murder him. In Sunday’s post-credits scene, it was revealed that Jimmy/Steve is alive and well and driving in Chicago with a strange woman (as one does). But what does he WANT!?

During Sunday night’s record-busting episode, cast members like Emmy Rossum and Emily Bergl took to Twitter to express their utter surprise at welcoming back their co-star into the fold.

If you’re a skeptic and having trouble believing the cast, trust it: In interviews with EW earlier this season, Rossum genuinely appeared to have no idea whether Jimmy was in fact alive or dead. She revealed last night that producers flew Chatwin out to the set in Chicago but put him up in a hotel away from the cast so that nobody would know about the secret finale tag.

As for the actual narrative of Shameless, what did you think of the way season four wrapped up? Are you on board with this darker, more mature Shameless—or are you pining for the old scheme-a-week days of the Gallagher clan? Let us know in the comments below.