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'Game of Thrones': Pedro Pascal takes our Pop Culture Personality Test

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If you’ve read our coverage leading up to Game of Thrones‘ season 4 premiere, there are some things you already know about Pedro Pascal, the actor cast as Prince Oberyn Martell (a.k.a. The Red Viper): Primarily that he was such a big fan of the show, he was scared he’d audition, not land the part, and then have spoiled himself for nothing.

But here are a few other things we learned when he stopped by EW to take our Personality Test: He’s also a big fan of Friday Night Lights and Battlestar Galactica. One of his prized pop culture possessions is a Polaroid he took of his Adjustment Bureau co-star John Slattery (affectionately signed “Don’t take my f—ing picture”). He estimates he’s only done karaoke twice: “La Bamba,” because his Spanish came in handy, and “Little Red Corvette.” “If anyone is a Prince fan and knows what I’m talking about, the part where he kinda riffs about [laughs] stuff — I did good on that part. I didn’t have to read the lines.” And the 39-year-old has always been interested in envelope-pushing entertainment. “I wasn’t even in high school when [1989’s] Sex, Lies, and Videotape came out, but I fancied myself so cutting-edge and smart that I saw it in the movie theater, and bought the book, and carried it around with me in school,” he recalls, laughing. “I actually met [writer/director] Steven Soderbergh years, years, years, years later. He lived upstairs from me in this apartment that I was in for a very short time in Los Angeles way back around the time Traffic came out. I pulled this copy out, and he couldn’t believe it, and he signed it.”

For more pop culture confessions — his first celebrity crush, the movie scene he acted out as a child, the movie he always quotes, and the scariest movie he’s ever seen — watch the video below.