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David Letterman: Seth Meyers pays tribute in 'Late Night' monologue

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In a fitting and genuine monologue, Late Night‘s newest recruit paid tribute to the man that, in his opinion, started it all, sharing his thoughts on Letterman’s recently announced retirement.

“It’s heartbreaking news,” Seth Meyers said just before he introduced first guest Whoppi Goldberg. “I grew up on David Letterman. I was a little too young for Carson, I discovered Carson in later years online and watching videos that way. But Letterman for me was a show that you had a cool uncle, or one of your friends had a cool older brother that told you to watch.”

Meyers became genuinely nostalgic during his speech, noting, “I remember we would try to memorize top ten lists so we could tell them on the bus the next day. This was before the internet, you had to memorize. And there are a lot of things I can’t believe about the fact that I get to do this job, but the thing I truly can’t believe above all of the others is that this show, Late Night, this is David Letterman’s show. And if it wasn’t for David Letterman, this show wouldn’t exist. And if it wasn’t for David Letterman, I wouldn’t be here. And if I wasn’t here, you’d just be an audience of people in an empty studio…it’s incredible to be part of that legacy.”