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Ah, That Voice...

Morgan Freeman, 76, lends his oak-and-honey baritone to ”Island of Lemurs: Madagascar,” a 3-D IMAX adventure in theaters on April 4; of the dozens of documentaries he has narrated, this is the third nature doc; here, the Oscar winner (who also appears in the April 18 sci-fi drama ”Transcendence”) tells us what it’s like to have the most sought-after pipes in Hollywood

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Have you ever been to Madagascar?
The only places in Africa I’ve been are Zimbabwe and South Africa.

How often are you approached with narration offers?
According to my agent, I could probably spend 24 hours a day doing narrations. I’m honored that I get these calls because I watch these nature programs on National Geographic and I listen to the narration. One of the best, of course, is Jeremy Irons.

You’re also the host of the great Science Channel show Through the Wormhole. You have this reputation for being Mr. Gravitas, but in truth, and I ask this with great respect, are you Mr. Humongous Nerd?
No, no, actually I don’t think so. [Laughs] I’m just a regular guy. I like good food, pretty women, fast cars. But I’m a believer. It is my feeling that humans are destroying the planet. We’re turning everything on the planet into food to feed us, we’re poisoning the ocean, we’re cutting down the rain forest. Now think Through the Wormhole: intelligence. What is it and who is it? Are we the intelligence or is the planet the intelligence? If the planet is the intelligence, then it will recognize us as a danger and do something about it.

Did you know that on Facebook there’s a petition to have you narrate the next Planet Earth series?
[Chuckles] Well, I don’t watch Facebook, I don’t belong to Facebook.

The petition claims that your voice has the power to ”put babies to sleep and cure all diseases.”
Oh, my goodness. Well, see, that goes beyond my actual abilities. That’s how myth gets started and it just keeps rising, and that’s all right with me.

Before I let you go, did you have a favorite line as Vitruvius in The LEGO Movie?
The one I remember would be my favorite: “This is all true because it rhymes.”

I hope you get to Madagascar.
Yeah, you know, I might just do that one day, Karen. Life is long. You never know what’s going to happen next.

Flora and Fauna: Morgan Freeman’s Nature Docs
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Island of Lemurs: Madagascar 2014
The actor tells you everything you want to know about the big-eyed critters that are now endangered.