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Feedback: April 4, 2014

Your reactions to our Criminally Underrated issue, defense of Disney princesses, and more

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Under-the-Radar Love
2 a.m.: A wee bit tired, but I’ll read me some EW. Oooh, Criminally Underrated things! 2:30 a.m.: I’m adding books to my Amazon wish list. I’m adding movies to my Netflix queue. And I’m YouTubing trailers and clips like crazy. 4 a.m.: Finally take my butt to bed but think about all the stuff I’ll get to enjoy in the next few months. Thanks, EW, for ruining my sleep!
Jeff Siperly

If The Magnificent Ambersons makes the “Holy Grails” for what RKO did, so should John Huston’s The Red Badge of Courage for what MGM did. They cut 40-plus minutes out, down to a 69-minute run time, and the negatives were lost as well. Who wouldn’t want to see more of this great film?!
Bob Gracie
Warrington, Pa.

Matthew McConaughey is all over the place now, but no one mentions EDtv, one of the funniest movies he ever made (and a warning about reality TV that still rings true). A terrific cast and fast-paced direction by Ron Howard. This is a movie that deserves a second look.
Joe Mock
Los Angeles

Princesses of Power
Your sidebar on Disney princesses (News and Notes) didn’t acknowledge the bold steps they took into modern times. The Little Mermaid‘s Ariel chose a different future than the one her father chose for her; Beauty and the Beast‘s Belle sought intellectual stimulation from books. And more recently, what woman didn’t cheer when Brave‘s Merida said she’d compete for her own hand in marriage? Frozen‘s Anna and Elsa took us a few steps farther into an ever-changing fantasyland while bringing all the magic with them.
Ines Kirchenko
New York City

Playing It Safe
I deeply enjoyed Nick Catucci’s essay ”Making the Bland” (Music). Although some of today’s most successful “rock” bands have demonstrated musical talent, they lack that dangerously seductive rawness and fury of bands from previous decades. I believe the blending of genres is partly responsible; there’s a purity, a distinctive attitude, that is lost through that mixture. Rock stars used to embody the wild side in all of us, and now they look like kids from my dorm.
Carla Sanchez
Culver City, Calif.

Correction: On Orphan Black, detective Art Bell is played by Kevin Hanchard (#1303).

The Avengers 2‘s Art Attack
The recent Marvel TV special Assembling a Universe unveiled concept art for the 2015 sequel’s Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Readers were all eyes.

I’m disappointed that Quicksilver’s outfit isn’t green or doesn’t at least have some green in it, as a nod to the original costume. —Leo F

This is better than the X-Men: Days of Future Past version, where he resembles Storm and Magneto’s love child. The costume here is closer to the comics’. —Billy Christmas

Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch’s red costume in the comic books is much better. This concept art makes her look like a dirty warrior in a dystopian future. —Chopping Block

I think Scarlet Witch looks great; you can’t expect a teenager to have the cape, leotard, and funky-looking helmet in a realistic movie. —Tyson Johnson