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Throwback Thursday: What's your favorite TV or movie proposal?

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Today is a very busy day. For starters, it’s Throwback Thursday. But it’s also the first day of spring and, wait for it, National Proposal Day! So, it only seemed fitting that I kill two birds with one stone — I refuse to celebrate spring until it’s warm outside — and throw it on back to my favorite movie/TV proposal of all time.

If asked, most women can tell you at least a little something about their dream proposal. Maybe there’s a path of rose petals involved, or perhaps they’re a fan of the sporting event jumbotron. Then there’s the secret photographers, and the flashmobs, and the rings being hidden in desserts. But for me, I can trace my perfect proposal back to 2007, when the movie Stepmom made me cry like a baby.

Before the tears started, there was a great proposal scene between Ed Harris and Julia Roberts. In it, Harris woke Roberts up with a kiss, and as they both sat in bed in their pajamas, he gave her a spool of thread. After tying it around her finger during a speech about marriage being a tough commitment, he put a ring on the other end of the thread and slid it down onto her finger.

Watch it below:

For me personally, the thread is a bit much. But the general idea of my perfect proposal came from this scene: I want it to happen on a lazy Sunday around the house, just hanging out in bed with no makeup on. Plus, if the guy wants to marry me the way I look when I just wake up, our relationship is golden, amirite?

Also, before I hand this over to my colleagues, I have to give a special shoutout to McDreamy’s proposal to Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy. It was so tailored to their specific relationship that it was perfect. For one thing, it was in an elevator, the setting of many great moments for them. Then, Derek had set up the CT scans that marked their journey together —  from the first surgery they scrubbed in on to the moment he knew she was going to be a great surgeon and more. And finally, the real kicker was how he turned what she felt was her biggest flaw — being dark and twisty — into a strength. There’s a reason they call this man McDreamy.

So what is your favorite movie or television proposal? Check out some staff picks below and sound off in the comments!

Denise Warner: Patrick Dempsey in Sweet Home Alabama, even though they don’t actually get married.

Jeff Labrecque: Colin Firth in Love Actually; Hugh Grant/Emma Thompson in Sense and Sensibility; When Harry Met Sally; The Wedding Singer; Stallone in Rocky II; Moonstruck

Ariana Bacle: Jim and Pam! (The Office)

Stephanie Robbins: I am an old lady, but When Harry Met Sally, and in Stepmom, that proposal scene with Ed Harris and Julia Roberts.

Christina Baez: Monica and Chandler (Friends)