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'Supernatural' recap: Blade of Glory

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Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki
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Sci-fi, Drama

Our first glimpse at Dean in possession of the First Blade that he and Sam have been chasing for the last few episodes has instilled me with great fear. Fear because he seems aggressive and brutal…and dangerously unpredictable.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I would be remiss to glaze over the efforts the Winchesters put into obtaining said blade. So allow me to recap…

The episode began with Sam and Dean trying to track down Crowley, who we last saw about to scour the seas for the First Blade but then went MIA. Eventually Sam and Dean did track him down, but the Crowley they found was a shell of the demon we know. It turns out Crowley was in the throes of an addiction to human blood, which is apparently an injectable. Pale, sweaty and completely useless, Sam and Dean decided they had to sober him up if he was going to at all live up to his potential as an asset.

Tonight’s episode was an interesting exploration of the dynamic shared between Crowley and the Winchesters. As a fan, I always assumed there was some level of adoration between the brothers and Crowley, but I think that stems merely from my appreciation for their exchanges. As characters, it makes sense that the Winchesters would only want to keep Crowley around because he’s useful. When this became clear to Crowley, who in this episode was struggling with human-ish feelings, he found their approach to be insulting. And that whole experience, I think, informed his decision at the end of the episode to take off with the First Blade.

Yes, they did eventually track it down. It was in the possession of a disgraced Man of Letters named Magnus, who collected rare supernatural objects and tried at one point to make Dean (or, really, Dean’s Mark of Cain) part of his collection. If that sounds creepy, that’s because it was. Magnus was basically a Criminal Minds Unsub with a talent for magic. Sam and Crowley were able to save him from the grip of Magnus but not before Dean got a chance to experience the power of the blade — twice.

First, Magnus forced him to grab the blade for a test run, and it was clear that Dean was overwhelmed by the feeling of power. In the second instance, Dean used the blade to kill Magnus, and this time, instead of seeming overwhelmed by the blade, Dean Hulked out on it. In nerd terms: Dean : Blade :: Roy : Mirakuru

It was cool. And pretty scary. So scary, in fact, that I was a little pleased that Crowley took the blade at the end of the episode. Perhaps he did them a favor?

Burning questions! What did you think of the episode? And the Snooki cameo? (Note: I will admit that the Snooki cameo was amusing. But just amusing.) What do you expect from the next time Dean gets his hands on the blade? Technical question: Do you think the blade only works when he uses his right hand?


Tim Meadows, The Ladies Man

I will call this one: “I can feel the power (of the beard).”


“The Anthony Weiner of it makes you needy.” — Crowley

“Poor Moose. It’s always a little tricky keeping up, isn’t it?” — Crowley to Sam

“When this is done, we can get matching tattoos.” — Crowley

“Because the place is warded it means your powers are useless, which means you are useless — even more than usual.” — Sam


Lana Parrilla, Swingtown

(Dean calling Crowley.)

Molly Parker, Swingtown