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Rohan Chand: Let the Buzz Begin!

The wide-eyed, precocious 10-year-old steals the show in ”Bad Words”

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Where You’ve Seen Him
The New York City native played Issa Nazir, the kid whose death turned Brody into a terrorist on Homeland. He also melted Mark Wahlberg’s war-weary heart as the son of an Afghan tribal leader in the recent drama Lone Survivor.

Child Stars Unite!
Jason Bateman’s years on Silver Spoons helped him and Chand bond on set. “Jason taught me how to be conversational,” says Chand. Plus, “he made sure to tell me to go to college.”

Watch That Mouth
He may let the vulgarities fly on screen, but never off. “My dad said that if it’s part of the character, I’m allowed to say bad words, but if it’s not part of the character and I say it at home when I’m not acting, that I won’t be acting anymore.”

Fan Boy
Chand’s into the Hulk and Iron Man, but he’s holding out for one dream collaboration. “I just really want to work with Hugh Jackman because he’s Wolverine. That would be so awesome.”