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'The Originals' react: You can't hide from an angry Mikaelson

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I can’t even handle this show right now. I just can’t. It’s too much, and I cannot express how much I’m loving every second of it! Not to mention that it’s fulfilling all of my Elijah dreams — last week he took his shirt off, and this week I finally got to see his vamp face!!!! Just a little background: Elijah showed up on season 2 of The Vampire Diaries and made it all the way through season 4 (coming and going, of course) before The Originals started. Now, we’re halfway through this season and we’re just now seeing his fangs, veins, etc. for the first time. And as much as I love the fact that he reserves “vamping out” for really big moments because he’s powerful enough without it, I’ve literally been counting the days to this moment! Also, Mikael is probably my second favorite Original, so don’t get me started on him.

Alright, if I don’t start recapping what happened, I’ll go on forever. Things kicked off in 1919, where Klaus’ vision of werewolves, vampires, witches, and dirty cops all happy and drunk together had finally come true. They’d completed their unification of New Orleans, which prompted Klaus to out his sister and her secret lover. Much to their surprise, Klaus blessed Rebekah and Marcel’s union. According to him, he’d kept her from being happy because he knew they’d always be on the run. But now, he believed they’d found a home, which meant she should be happy with Marcel. Suddenly, Rebekah was desperately hoping that Genevieve’s spell to summon Mikael had failed.

In present day, Elijah called Cami over to the house before removing Papa Tunde’s knife from Klaus’ chest. He told her to take care of him and very slowly feed him her vervain-filled blood in order to slow down his recuperation process. In the meantime, Elijah needed to find Sabine/Celeste, who was currently hanging with Hayley and her wolf pack. Hayley wanted an elixir to reverse the spell on the wolves. And without much persuasion, Celeste offered it up. According to her, she was Hayley once — she too had cared about Elijah. But, unlike Celeste, Hayley had a chance to get away from the Original family. Speaking of which, cue Elijah’s entrance.

Hayley’s plan was to keep Celeste captive until the next full moon in order to be sure the elixir worked, but Elijah had another idea. He swooshed Celeste and the elixir away to get answers. Celeste stuck by her story that the elixir would work. But why had she made it? So that Elijah would lose Hayley, of course. If Elijah trashed the elixir, Hayley would hate him forever. If he gave it back to her, she would eventually reunite with her family and leave him. Personally, I don’t know why anyone would ever leave Elijah, but he handed the elixir over to Hayley anyway, but not without one last, very charged almost-kiss-turned-kiss-on-the-forehead. *Insert frustrated sigh*

Across town, Rebekah and Marcel had decided not to leave as they’d been instructed. They knew that they could never run far enough from Klaus, so their only option was a cloaking spell to hide them. But the only witch they knew was lying in a cemetery waiting to be resurrected. Marcel couldn’t leave Davina, so they went back to get her.

Sitting with Cami by his side, Klaus was predicting Marcel and Rebekah’s every move. He knew that the only place they could go is home. The two enlisted Thierry’s help — he had a good track record with witches — to try and kill Celeste, Genevieve, and Bastiana. There was no way for them to know which witch was linked to Davina, so they figured they would just kill them all. Thierry wasn’t ready to go up against such power, but Marcel assured him it wouldn’t be the first time he’d faced something so evil. In fact, Marcel had faced the “worst of them all.”

Our next flashback took us to the moment Marcel first met “the one they call the destroyer,” Mikael. Marcel wanted to ensure Rebekah’s safety, but Mikael quickly informed him that he wasn’t going to harm Rebekah. “Truth be told, she was always my favorite,” Mikael tells Marcel. God, I love how sinister (and kind of sexy) that man is. And just as I expected a Klaus-Mikael showdown at the bar, we learned that Klaus had taken his fun home, where he was rolling around in bed with a werewolf queen when Elijah walked in. Turned out, Klaus’ wolf friend had gotten them tickets to the opera. Lesson: Opera tickets can make any situation classy, even cross-species sex.

Flash forward nearly 100 years, and Klaus was back in bed, but this time things were much less sexy. For starters, he was putting clothes on instead of taking them off. As he slowly regained his strength, Klaus caught Cami up on his father’s history. When she told him that Elijah loved him, he agreed. And then he told her the story of how Mikael had approached Elijah about killing Klaus in 1919. Cue my favorite flashback!

Elijah, in a tux, came face-to-face with his father in an ascot in an unforgettable scene featuring my two favorite characters and phenomenal acting on both actors’ parts. With tears in his eyes, Elijah told his father that if he thought that he would turn on his own brother, “you’re a fool without equal.” Ugh, he’s so elegant even through his pain! But Mikael hit right back with the power we’ve come to expect. “NiKlaus is an abomination,” he said before giving a great speech about how you don’t reason with abominations, nor do you try to change them. “You erase them.” Pulling the white oak stake on Elijah, Mikael told his son, “Stand with me or fall with him.” When asked to choose, Elijah said he would always choose Klaus (which immediately took me here for some reason). Mikael staked him, but only with a regular piece of wood so as to not kill him.

Then, story time was over. Klaus had another matter to attend to. He knocked over a statue, and when it broke, he pulled out the invincible white oak stake that Esther had created for Alaric at the end of Vampire Diaries‘ third season. Klaus was out for Rebekah and Marcel, who had succeeded in killing Bastiana before Genevieve got away. They then went to the cemetery to retrieve Davina’s body, which is where Klaus was headed. But when Cami stopped him in the alleyway and told him, “Don’t become your father,” he thought it was best that he finish story time before he allowed himself to be compared to “the monster monsters were afraid of.”

In 1919, Klaus was seated at the opera when Mikael pressed the white oak stake into his heart. As soon as Mikael called Klaus “boy,” I was immediately taken back to their epic showdown from Vampire Diaries season 3. From there, Mikael suggested they have a chat before “you shuffle off your immortal coil.” Mikael was going to kill Klaus first. Then, he was going to kill everyone who remembered him, so that he simply never would have existed. And as far as the opera went, Mikael had made some alterations. He had killed Klaus’ werewolf lover and others, and tied them up, along with a near-death Marcel, for all to see. He had compelled the audience to enjoy the show, and when Rebekah and Klaus tried to save Marcel, Mikael staked them both (with regular wood). Then, big brother Elijah came to the rescue and told them all to run. They obeyed, leaving Mikael to burn down the opera house (with Marcel seemingly inside).

Klaus told Cami how all that they had built died that day, as did the last shred of Klaus that felt human. So yes, he wanted to kill his sister, but no, he was not his father. He wouldn’t dehumanize Marcel and Rebekah. He would simply end them.

With Rebekah and Marcel at the cemetery and Klaus on his way, Celeste decided to clue Elijah in on things. She informed him that he was so worried about Hayley that he hadn’t taken the time to put two and two together. Marcel would never leave Davina. Klaus was headed to Rebekah, and Celeste wondered what he would do when he found his dear sister. And VAMP FACE! Elijah debuted his marvelous, badass vamp face to bite the woman he once loved! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love Celeste! Thank you for this!! This face was everything I’ve been waiting for:

Now at the cemetery, Celeste continued taunting Elijah. She informed him that every time he started to feel a connection with a women, he’d wonder if it was her. Then she stepped out of the cemetery bounds, and Elijah realized he was trapped. She’d done a lunar spell to trap only Originals in the cemetery until the next moon rise. Then, Celeste killed Sabine in order to find a new vessel. Only, she didn’t realize that Elijah had given Monique one of his mother’s spells. When Celeste tried to jump, she instead went back into her original body (which somehow came back). After apologizing in French — and stealing my heart again — Elijah killed Celeste. Well, she had a good run. The up side? Davina woke up!

After Rebekah was trapped in the cemetery, Marcel had to leave her to take Davina to safety, which left the three siblings alone in the cemetery. Let me say a quick bravo for the amazing juxtaposition of a screaming Klaus in present day to a screaming Mikael in 1919. In our last flashback, we saw Bekah try to take fault for Mikael’s arrival and Marcel’s “death,” but Klaus quickly corrected her. With tears in everyone’s eyes, Elijah told Klaus to take Bekah and run. He’d fend off Mikael.

And now, years later, he was ready to fend off Mikael 2.0: Klaus. Klaus demanded Elijah get away from Rebekah, and with two words — “She’s mine” — Klaus got his hybrid face on, followed by the second appearance of Elijah’s vamp face, and finally, Rebekah’s fangs joined the party. DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS?! I don’t think it does.

So what did you all think of the episode? Wasn’t Mikael the best/worst?! Which of his scenes was your favorite? Are you happy that Davina’s back? And what is going to happen inside this cemetery? Sound off in the comments!


“Perhaps you could use the time constructively, convince him not to murder his baby sister?” -Elijah to Cami

“My 16-year-old self would think I’m really cool right now.” -Cami when she gave Klaus her wrist to feed on

Cami: Be a good little boy and get back into bed.

Klaus: If I had a quid for every time a woman’s tried that line on me.

Cami: You’d have like no money.

Werewolf: We have a soprano to die for. I’ll introduce you if you promise not to eat her.

Elijah: A good soprano is never dinner.

“When your father wants to kill you, he wants to kill you, nothing you can do about it.” -Klaus