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Lea Michele talks difficult past year, new album 'Louder'

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Good Morning America Lea Michele

Lea Michele is ready to take her victory lap.

After years on Glee, Michele’s debut album Louder dropped this week. The actress/singer spoke with Good Morning America Wednesday about her professional triumph — and her recently turbulent personal life. (Michele’s onscreen and offscreen boyfriend Cory Monteith passed away in July.)

George Stephanopoulos didn’t waste any time, asking right off the bat how Michele’s been doing over the past few months. “I’m really very, very, very thankful for all the amazing people I have in my life,” the 27-year-old replied. “I know that sounds like something everyone says, but honestly, my friends and my family, they got me through this and really, really have been there for me and I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Of course, an album isn’t the only thing on Michele’s plate. Michele shared that she couldn’t even begin to think about Glee ending —  though it’s set to wrap at the end of its sixth season next year. “Just getting through one episode is very difficult, so to think about 33 from now, we have a lot still to do,” she said. “[But] that day will be beyond emotional.”

33 episodes gives Glee plenty of time to cover one of Michele’s original tunes, right? “I don’t know, I think that would be a little confusing for people,” Michele answered with a laugh. “That would be Lea Michele playing Rachel Berry singing Lea Michele… maybe.”

Beyond Louder, which Michele said she will tour with in the U.S. after Glee ends in 2015,  many fans are also wondering when Michele will return to her Broadway roots. It’s a question that has had people particularly excited since Glee creator Ryan Murphy snagged the rights to Funny Girl. (Michele’s character on Glee is about to star in a Broadway revival of the very same show.)

Will life imitate art? When asked directly about the rumors, here’s what Michele had to say: “I was so surprised with how much I fell in love with this recording process in making this album and I definitely want to make another one. So once I feel like I’ve scratched that itch completely, Broadway is definitely where my heart is.” Cue smile.

A coy answer Rachel Berry would be proud of — no way is she raining on fans’ parade.