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Rob Ford talks Toronto, his diet, and drinking on Jimmy Kimmel

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When Toronto mayor Rob Ford decided to give out his real phone number to anyone who wanted it, Jimmy Kimmel had an idea. He called the mayor — and to his surprise, Ford picked up the phone. Even more surprising: Ford agreed to come on Kimmel’s show. And what happened next was just as uncomfortable to watch as it was entertaining.

Part one of Ford’s late-night appearance featured Ford reassuring his “customers” that if they called him, he would come. And “you’d be surprised how fast I can move.” Kimmel, for his part, cut right to the chase, asking Ford if he’s homophobic and insulting his awful tie selections:

By part two, Ford was sweating (and not a fan of Kimmel dabbing his brow). The pair discussed Ford’s mayoral appearances and the recent video of Ford daring the Toronto police to arrest him, which he claimed was all politics:

Part three is where Kimmel really goes at Ford. He asks about/critiques the politician’s exercise routine before taking Ford through some of his most famous videos, asking him to explain himself:

Part four is what I like to call “Ford’s intervention.” He might be focused on his re-election, but Kimmel is more worried about the mayor’s drinking problem. Be warned. It’s awkward:

What did you all think of Ford’s appearance on Kimmel?