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'Real World Ex-plosion' roommates open up with serious LGBT talk

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Real World Exclusive

The most recent seasons of The Real World have been remembered for the roommates’ violent behavior and wild partying. The current season, Real World: Ex-plosion, already set itself apart when it welcomed five of the roommates’ exes to live in their San Francisco home with them. And now, the show is going back to its roots to tackle some more serious issues, like it did in the earlier seasons.

On tonight’s episode, Arielle, a lesbian roommate, invites over a couple of her friends, including Kingston, who is transgender. Living as a man, Kingston transitioned from being a female and shares some great insight about what it’s like to be trans. Some of the roommates are very open about their ignorance to the issue as a whole. Watch the exclusive clip of the honest discussion of sexuality and identity:

Real World: Ex-plosion airs Wednesday nights on MTV at 10 p.m. ET.