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Feedback: February 28, 2014

Your feelings about the career and passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman, opinions on Kevin Hart, and more

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An Actor’s Actor Remembered
Whenever I knew that Philip Seymour Hoffman was in a movie, I knew I’d be taken care of. Whether the role was big or small, he’d crush it. While EW’s sentiment of “this one hurts” is perfect, I can’t help but think that addiction has won yet again.
Diane Blumenthal
Silver Spring, Md.

Most of what I’d read about Mr. Hoffman was related to his craft and how the art world will acutely feel his absence. But it was Anthony Breznican’s essay about their encounters over the years that gave me insight into his life as a family man. By the end of the piece, I found myself openly weeping over his death, not because the industry lost a great artist but because three children lost their father in such a painfully public manner.
Mary O’Brien
Saratoga, N.Y.

The editors respond… To read Anthony’s essay, go to our tablet version or online at insidemovies.ew.com/2014/02/06/the-night-philip-seymour-hoffman-changed-my-life/.

I was glad to find a fitting tribute to an amazing talent. However, in your print article I did not see a mention of one of PSH’s best movies: Along Came Polly. Very few actors can win an Oscar and master comedic timing the way he did.
Elizabeth McConaghy
Columbia, Md.

“The Essential Roles” has a glaring oversight: Phil Parma in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia. How can such an unforgettable performance by such an unforgettable actor be so blatantly forgotten? Wise up, EW.
Holly Eggert

Drawn-Out Drama
I found it disingenuous of you to declare in News and Notes that The After‘s Chris Carter “created one of the most groundbreaking series of all time,” The X-Files, without mentioning that he also doomed that series to one of the longest, most frustrating deaths of all time. His later series only reinforced his apparent unwillingness to end stories satisfactorily.
Richard Sam Meyers
Southport, Conn.

We Need to Talk About Kevin
I’m not surprised by Kevin Hart‘s success at all (News and Notes). I’ve had my eye on him ever since stumbling upon his stand-up while channel surfing years ago. Those who write him off as just a “black comedian” are only cheating themselves, because this man is tears-down-your-face funny. It’s sad that I still live in a country where race is even a consideration. How much other colossal talent are people missing because of skin color?
Elaine Adamcewicz
Aurora, Colo.

Save These Shows!
Networks have their eyes on the pilots of tomorrow, but what about the pilots of yesterday? As current series wait to hear their fates (check out our online TV Death Watch for predictions), readers leap to their defense.

Almost Human
Great world building, cool concept, perfect casting in Karl Urban and Michael Ealy. Fox needs to give its shows a chance to build audiences. —Niala Terrell-Mason

The Tomorrow People
Definitely a nice pairing with Arrow. It’s an engaging concept (X-Men with a Teen Wolf polish) that seems like it would expand well into a second season. —GregoireNYC

Have loved the show a lot more this season. It’s had great character development and much more interesting stories with the Patriots. —Sally

Its finale was just terrific. The show is so enjoyably sexy and romantic and over-the-top — I hope it comes back so we can see if Renfield lived! —Trent

The Goldbergs
I am rooting for this to come back for season 2. The first episode was rough, but it quickly got much better! And I like the name of the family! —Marc Goldberg

Raising Hope
It’s so funny and it has all these layers to it, with lots of in-jokes. It reminds me of a live-action version of The Simpsons in that way. —Drago Harley