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Sarah Hyland owns a replica of Michonne's Katana, and other confessions

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Sarah Hyland PCPT

Sarah Hyland may be starring as Natalie in Vampire Academy (now in theaters), but the Modern Family star is definitely a zombie girl. When she dropped  by EW to take our Pop Culture Personality Test, we learned she’s a serious fan of The Walking Dead who considers the replica of Michonne’s Katana that her boyfriend got her for her birthday and the shovel she gave him signed by members of the AMC drama’s cast for Christmas two of her prized possessions. (They’re also Game of Thrones fans and have a replica of Robb Stark’s sword and the House of Stark shield.)

For more pop culture confessions — including Hyland’s first celeb crush, the two TV shows that have made her cry the hardest (Walking Dead and Lost spoiler alerts!), and the diva she always quotes — watch the video below.

Bonus fun fact: The celeb fashion she emulated that she wishes she hadn’t? “I want to say Baby Spice with my platform light-up sandals, but I really can’t regret that because they’re amazing.” Does she still have them? “I was 6. They don’t fit anymore. Trust me, if I had them, I’d wear them.”