Hillary Busis
August 04, 2017 at 11:06 AM EDT

No disrespect to Jonah Hill, but on some level, his upcoming SNL hat trick raises just one question: Hill is about to host Saturday Night Live for the third time. Yet his Wolf of Wall Street co-star Leonardo DiCaprio hasn’t hosted even once? Even worse, Leo’s never stopped by Studio 8H for so much as a cameo? This is so outrageous I’m starting to feel short of breath. Quick, somebody grab me a quaalude!

Ahhh, there we go. Now, what was I saying? Oh yes — Jonah Hill’s back on SNL this weekend, which means a few things. One, there’s a pretty good chance we’ll see the third recurrence of Adam Grossman, a.k.a. that 6-year-old kid who loves Benihana and talking like a Borscht Belt comedian. (Side note: Man, remember when Casey Wilson was on SNL? Side-side note: Man, 2008 Jonah Hill looked… different.)

Two, at least one sketch has to poke fun at Hill’s second Supporting Actor nod — though maybe not at length, since his last monologue already did the whole “Jonah lets Oscar nomination go to his head” thing. (See also: This Is the End in its entirety.)

And three, tonight’s show will probably include at least one marquee cameo — even if Leo is almost certainly not in the cards. The first time Hill hosted, both Tracy Morgan and T-Pain stopped by; the second time, we got John McEnroe and Tom Hanks, who’s pretty much the caviar of unannounced guests. Clearly, there’s something about Hill that attracts eclectic celebrities; think it’s too much to hope for a Michael Cera reunion?

Other things to look out for tonight: A Wolf of Wall Street parody that puts the decadence of “We Did Stop” to shame. A worthy, lengthy spotlight for Kate McKinnon’s excellent Justin Bieber impression. (And to think we only saw it for the first time last week — talk about good timing.) Jay Pharoah as Richard Sherman, maybe. Fat jokes, lean jokes, somewhere-in-between jokes. A lot of Sasheer Zamata, or very little of Sasheer Zamata, or just the right amount of Sasheer Zamata. (Maybe the eve of the Grammys means her first go at Beyoncé outside of YouTube videos?) Tears glinting at the corners of Seth Meyers’ eyes, since this marks his second-to-last show before moving to concentrate fully on Late Night. And, of course, the smooth sounds of Bastille, a quirky-nerdy-cool band you may know best, if you know them at all, for transforming pop anthems into earnest ballads:

What are you hoping to see from SNL tonight? Discuss below, and check back tomorrow morning for a full recap.

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