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Throwback Thursday: What was your favorite snow day movie as a kid?

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The Never Ending Story

In my childhood, snow days meant putting on a shirt, a sweatshirt, some hand-me-down snow overalls, a jacket, a scarf, gloves, a hat, two pairs of socks, and boots before heading outside and enjoying a day of freedom. After snow ball fights and a potential injury or two, my brother and I would head back inside, leaving a puddle at the front door where our boots and overalls now sat on the floor. Then, there was hot chocolate, some food, and one round of clothes in the dryer before we were back out in the cold.

However, at some point in the middle of the day (but definitely by day’s end), there had to be some relaxation time. And in my household, that meant movie time. Like most kids, my brother and I had our favorite movies that we would watch over and over, and on a snow day, it was usually The NeverEnding Story. I always felt that snow was a little magical, so there was no better movie to incorporate into a snow day. Plus, I always wanted a dragon.

The NeverEnding Story follows a young boy named Bastian Bux as he starts to read a book, titled The NeverEnding Story, and eventually finds himself within Fantasia, the fantasy world within the book. There, he finds an Empress, a young warrior, and most importantly, a luckdragon named Falkor. It was a world of adventure, crazy creatures, and endless possibility. I remember there being an underlying message about letting a child’s imagination live and whatnot, but the biggest thing I took away from the film was the fact that I one day wanted to have a pet dragon that loved me and that I could ride around forever.

Watch the 1984 trailer below:

What was your snow day movie of choice when you were a kid?