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Throwback Thursday: What's your favorite 'Bachelor' first kiss?

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Bachelorette Season 6

The formula for The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise is simple: One person “dates” 25 romantic hopefuls and ideally comes out of it engaged to The One. Pair that formula with the saying “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince(ss),” and you have a reality show full of lip-locks — both pleasant and unpleasant.

In all of our years of Chris Harrison-hosted drama, we have yet to meet a Bachelor or Bachelorette who’s shy in terms of kissing a variety of contestants. But of the many, many kisses we’ve seen, it’s always the first kiss that makes or breaks somebody. And on this week’s episode of The Bachelor, Juan Pablo had his first kiss of the season with Claire.

In case you missed it, it was a classic Bachelor scenario. The two were on the first one-on-one date of the season, placed oh-so-carefully in a hot tub. Juan Pablo gave Claire the date rose, to which she pulled him back into the jacuzzi and planted one on him. Do I blame her? Absolutely not. I’m impressed she waited as long as she did — the man had been shirtless for at least 10 minutes at that point. But the important question is how their kiss ranks in the overall scheme of first kisses on the show, to which I say, not great. The whole hot-tub thing felt so predictable and overdone. And to be honest, I wasn’t feeling crazy chemistry between the two of them. In conclusion, it was forgettable. So who wins the award for best first kiss in my book?

If I’m being completely honest, it was originally Jake Pavelka and Jillian Harris during her season of The Bachelorette. This was before I was aware of the kind of person Jake was, a.k.a. back when I thought he was nothing more than a hot pilot who looked good shirtless. It was their first one-on-one date, and Jake pulled a maneuver that’s always sexy (if genuine) — he kissed Jillian as she was mid-sentence, as if he couldn’t wait one more second. Looking back, it probably wasn’t genuine, but let’s relive it anyway (at the 5:33 mark):

However, because that has since been ruined for me, I’m giving the award for best first kiss to Ali and Roberto. On their first one-on-one date, she had them walk a tightrope suspended between two very tall buildings. And what did Roberto decide to do? Kiss her smack in the middle of the scary experience. It was a very O.C.-esque moment, the way he pulled her mind off of heights with a kiss. Maybe it was cheesy or stupid, but I don’t care. I loved Roberto and Ali, and I loved his confidence in the moment. The “come here”? Yeah, that was sexy. Enjoy it at the 5:08 mark:

What is your favorite first kiss in Bachelor/Bachelorette history?