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'Supernatural' recap: Sam I Am

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Supernatural 13
Jack Rowand/The CW


TV Show
Sci-fi, Drama
run date:
Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins
The CW
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In Season

With your regular recapper, the lovely Sandra Gonzalez, out for the night, I feel I should start this by formally introducing myself, Supernatural-style: I’m ridiculously obsessed with Castiel, I miss Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer almost every day, and all I want in this world is for Sam and Dean to hug more often (and for Sam to wear more denim). Alright, now that that’s taken care of, let’s get into this episode.

This one was heavy, y’all. The constant tears in both Dean and Gadreel’s eyes were a lot to take in. But at least we had every single thing that came out of Crowley’s mouth to make us laugh … and the fact that Cas was driving a Lincoln with hydraulics.

Things picked up with Dean giving Kevin a hunter’s funeral and, as we all expected, blaming himself for Kevin’s death. Sure, we saw it coming, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t make me cry. And speaking of crying, I oddly felt bad for Gadreel in this episode. Metatron still had him running around and killing people, other angels mostly. The next name on the hit list was the Justin Bieber of angels, some guy named Thaddeus who had tortured Gadreel in prison. Then, Gadreel retrieved the tablets and delivered them to Metatron, who spent the episode at a bar, where he was served by the hottie who was Gadreel’s original vessel. I don’t know about you, but realizing he was still around was my favorite surprise of this entire episode.

At the bar, Gadreel learned that Metatron had “flipped a switch” in heaven which meant that there would be no more prophets. Kevin was the last, and he would not be getting a replacement. Wait, what?! And in an attempt to no longer be “heaven’s longest running joke,” Gadreel took the next name from Metatron. He was off to find some guy named Alexander. Writing this, I realize how odd it is to feel sorry for Gadreel as he’s murdering people, but he just seemed so wrecked. Plus, it’s hard to hate Sam’s face.

Back in the bunker, Cas was suited up! Well, sort of. He had a new trench coat and was missing a tie, but other than that, his angel mojo was back. Dean finally told Cas the whole angel-possession story, to which Cas quickly came up with a plan. Sam could cast the angel out, but they’d have to find a way to talk directly to Sam. Enter Crowley! In exchange for some fresh air (with the chains on), Crowley agreed to do to Gadreel — whose name they didn’t know yet — what he had done to Alfie and therefore help them talk to Sam. Just like that, the boys headed to Castiel’s pimp mobile. Can I just say how much I love that a demon and an angel were told to sit in the backseat by a human … and they listened?

At an NSA listening post — let’s take a moment to let the greatness of that sink in — Crowley used his demon connection to find “a little lost Samantha.” All that mattered about his demon helper was that she had great taste in men, calling Cas “Captain Sexy” and even noticing his lack of tie. She and I could be friends if it weren’t for the demon thing. Oh, she also updated Crowley on Cas’ current situation having stolen another angel’s grace. Surely that can’t be good for Cas, right?

When Gadreel found Alexander, he quickly realized it was actually his best friend Abner (?) from heaven. Gadreel, a good soldier, still went through with killing him, but only after the  two caught up, which allowed Dean and Cas time to find and kidnap Gadreel. You know what that means: Let the torture begin.

All that Crowley got out of Gadreel was his name — which of course pissed Castiel off — before Gadreel made it known that their methods would not work on him. Their only option seemed to be letting Crowley possess Sam. Gadreel had put Sam in a dream where he and Dean were working a case. If Crowley could get to him, he could convince Sam to cast the angel out. It was technically Plan C, but Dean couldn’t listen to another moment of Sam torture.

Cas burned off Sam’s tattoo, and Dean told Crowley to use “Poughkeepsie” when talking to Sam. It was their safe word. It meant drop everything and run. Crowley did just as he promised (in exchange for going free). He found Sam in a dream, used the safe word, and then the two of them fought off Gadreel, who appeared back in original hottie form. Sam cast Gadreel out. The good news: Gadreel went straight back into his former vessel, so at least we get to look at him a little while longer.

When Abaddon showed up, Crowley told the guys to go out the back. He’d deal with her. He really was the “goodest guy” Dean had this episode, wasn’t he? Basically, Crowley informed Abaddon that the war to rule Hell is less about violence and more about politics.  The demons could “take orders from the world’s angriest ginger” or live Crowley’s way: “Everyone gets a say, a virgin, and all the entrails they can eat.” So what’ll it be? That’s TBD.

With Sam fully back, Cas started the healing process, which would have to be carried out in stages. But for now, Sam was healed enough to have the talk with Dean. *Brief pause so I can get tissues* Dean apologized and told Sam that he was going after Gadreel, but that he was going to do it alone. Dean believes he’s poison and that everyone around him gets killed or worse. He’s no longer willing to drag anyone through the muck with him. *Not enough tissues* Sam agreed not to stop him, but just before Dean left, Sam told his big brother not to “go thinking that’s the problem, cause it’s not.” And with that, Dean walked away.

So Sam is telling his brother that he’s not the problem, right? I can’t think straight right now, and I definitely can’t enjoy the fact that Cas, Sam, and Dean are all standing in the rain. Questions: Will Crowley use what he learned about Castiel’s grace against him? And what is with this no-prophet business? That can’t last, right? And how could the writers place such an emotional scene in the rain? My tears are making everything less sexy.


“The poor giant baby’s in trouble again, isn’t he?” -Crowley

“A demon and an angel walk into my brother. Sounds like a bad joke.” -Dean

“It’s like answering prayers, but they pay you for it.” -Abner on working in computers customer support

“Laverne, Shirley, get in here!” -Crowley to Dean and Cas

“I don’t want to be inside your brother any longer than I have to. I’m not one for sloppy seconds.” -Crowley on possessing Sam