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'SNL' star Bobby Moynihan takes EW's Pop Culture Personality Test

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You can get a double dose of Bobby Moynihan this week with the Jan. 18 return of Saturday Night Live (host and musical guest Drake) and Monday night’s premiere of Chozen, the new animated FX comedy in which he voices the titular gay white ex-con rapper. Yes, you read that right. “As you know, FX is fearless,” Moynihan says. “Every other line on the show is pretty crazy. Chozen does a lot of crazy things. I’m gonna go with, like, the least crazy, actually: There’s a scene where he’s smoking a joint and finds a hot dog on the floor, takes a drag, eats the hot dog, and then exhales. I just wish I could do that in real life. I wish I had that talent. And again, that’s the least crazy thing he’s done.”

Moynihan felt comfortable when he got the audition because the character’s voice reminded him of Mark Payne, the Pizzeria Uno employee he’s played on SNL and at the Upright Citizens Brigade. Though he doesn’t perform Chozen’s raps in the show (that’s creator Grant Dekernion), Moynihan dreams of the day when he puts out his own rap album. “In my mind, not in real life,” he says. “My rap name will be Optimus Rhymes. Or the Notorious B.o.B.”

For more pop culture revelations, watch the always entertaining Moynihan take the EW Pop Culture Personality Test below. 

Chozen airs Mondays at 10:30 p.m. ET on FX.