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Enigmatic 'House of Cards' teaser means... something

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Update: And now Netflix has added scene-by-scene audio commentary for every episode of season three, from directors David Fincher, James Foley, Joel Schumacher, Charles McDougall, Carl Franklin, and Allen Coulter. You can activate them the same way you’d turn on subtitles. Neat!

Was this new promo for season 2 of House of Cards created by whoever cuts together those infuriating “Next week on Mad Men” montages? Probably not — but you’ll certainly see a resemblance after watching the following clip. At least the Mad Men promos actually include some semblance of dialogue.

The rubber band is Zoe Barnes. No, the rubber band is Frank’s own tarnished soul. No, the rubber band is the American people. No, wait, I’ve got it for real this time: The rubber band is we, the viewers, who are totally happy to let Frank toy with us any way he sees fit. Though a teensy tiny hint of what’s actually going to happen next season would also be nice to get, at some point.

House of Cards‘s full second season premieres on Netflix this Valentine’s Day.