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Top 5 Scariest Moments

See which scenes in which movies scared us the most in 2013

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1. You’re NextWe knew this was going to be a grisly bloodbath, but Ti West getting an arrow between the eyes left us shell-shocked, dissolving the cozy comedy of manners and thrusting us into full-blown slaughter.

2. Gravity
A mere 13 minutes in, Sandra Bullock’s Dr. Ryan Stone detaches herself from a piece of shuttle debris and is catapulted aimlessly into the horrifying pitch-black vastness of space.

3. Prisoners
Horror-genre elements aside, nothing is as chilling as seeing that sliver of Paul Dano’s bloody, blistered eye as he awaits vigilante judgment from Hugh Jackman in his DIY torture chamber.

4. World War Z
The sole moment of relief in this pulse-pounding pic is stripped away by zombies ravenously piling on top of one another to scale an impenetrable wall.

5. Escape From Tomorrow
The happiest place on earth turns into a hallucinatory nightmare after a terrifying spin around It’s a Small World.