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Someone just won 'The X Factor'

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The X Factor‘s two-hour live finale featured the final three acts singing Christmas tunes with next-level ridiculous staging, plus guest stars Mary J. Blige, Leona Lewis, Lea Michele, and International Superstar Pitbull, who referred to himself in the third person. He just said “Pitbull,” though. He’s modest.

The winner of The X Factor is….

Alex & Sierra!

Their mellow babysitter Jeff Gutt came in second.

Carlito Olivero, “The Latino Chris Brown,” came in third.

A terrible, horrible, no-good very bad filler segment wondered what judge Demi Lovato, who is leaving The X Factor, had been drinking all season at the judges’ table. Who cares.

But okay — juice? Close! It’s “Annoying Juice!” all-natural soft drink.

Lovato, who’s been through rehab, could be seen throughout the segment mouthing “That’s f*cked up” over and over.

Hilarious. Stay classy, jerks!

“Well, Simon, I think it’s very very clear that since I don’t drink anymore, Annoying Juice is what I do drink, and I love it, because I get to annoy Simon with it,” Lovato managed to say with gritted teeth. It was nearly impossible, but she pulled it off.

Happy with the results?

If you asked random people the million-dollar question “What is The X Factor?” …would anyone get it right?