Erin Strecker
December 19, 2013 AT 07:29 PM EST

For those that thought the original trailer for Divergent had too much dystopian action and not enough shirtless thirty-year-old men pretending to be teenagers, you’re in luck. A new clip from the adaptation of the YA bestseller is All Shirtless Four, All The Time.

“Check out all my tattoos,” the hunky guy (Theo James) whispers. “They’re beautiful. You’re beautiful,” Shailene Woodley whispers back as the music swells. They kiss. End scene.

This new clip gives the impression Divergent is more Twilight than Hunger Games, which — if the filmmakers stick to the book — actually isn’t true. But that doesn’t mean we’re complaining about this steamy new sneak peek. Check it out below:

Divergent will hit theaters March 21.

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