Hillary Busis
December 19, 2013 at 07:06 PM EST

(And other nouns that don’t double as ABC dramas!)

Love. Heartbreak. Drinking. Eyeliner. Secrets. More secrets. Sexting. More sexting. Abuse. Hand-holding. Bras worn on top of a T-shirt.

All have a place in the next round of Degrassi episodes, which debut on TeenNick this January. Want more specifics? Here’s the network’s official description: “This winter on Degrassi, relationships are put to the test. Clare and Eli continue to go the distance after his infidelity nearly tore them apart, but what’s next for Clare and Drew after their kiss? When Leo is faced with deportation, Alli hatches a plan to keep her epic romance alive. And Maya reconnects with her old friend, Zig, but Miles doesn’t trust him.” Which makes sense — remember how Zig nursed feelings for Maya even though he had a girlfriend, then kinda-sorta helped to trigger Cam’s suicide? (This show, guys.)

Oh boy, a Degrassi wedding? This ought to turn out just great, without hitting any unforeseeable snags!

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