December 16, 2013 at 09:13 PM EST

Every girl has an idea of what their perfect wedding would be, and a fair share of them probably have a Pinterest board to prove it. My ideas have been inspired by a handful of movies, TV shows, pictures, real-life events, and so on. However, the single biggest inspiration was Caleb and Julie’s wedding from season 1 of The O.C. Before you judge me, there are actually only two things I liked about their wedding: Their first dance to Jem’s cover of “Maybe I’m Amazed,” and the idea of getting married in a glass chapel. Take one look at that view and tell me it’s not amazing:

So when I caught a glimpse of Revenge‘s big mid-season finale, I immediately recognized the location of Emily and Daniel’s wedding. For those of you who were wondering, the answer is yes. Yes, that is the church where Caleb and Julie got married. It’s also the church where Caleb was laid to rest just one season later. It’s the Wayfarers Chapel in Palos Verdes, California — just north of Orange County, and quite far from Revenge‘s Hamptons locale.

As for the reception, it seems Revenge went for a tented feel, whereas The O.C. was more about the ocean view. However, you can easily compare the background view of Daniel’s phone call with the moment Seth Cohen told Summer that his boat was named after her.

And so the story goes: The chapel made its first appearance in the season finale of a very dramatic hit show filled with beautiful people, and now, it has resurfaced in the mid-season finale of another very dramatic hit show filled with beautiful people. Needless to say, neither wedding came about strictly for reasons of love … so maybe I should rethink my glass chapel idea.

Basically, if you experienced any sort of déjà vu, it was justified.

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