December 16, 2013 at 06:59 PM EST

Beyoncé surprised everyone when she unceremoniously dropped her new album last Friday — including many of the people who actually worked on the videos.

“Nobody knew. They did it without telling anybody that they were releasing it today,” stylist Lysa Cooper told THR. “We all thought it was going to be released by Christmas or maybe after the New Year. We weren’t really sure, so it was a big surprise.”

Cooper was one of five stylists hired to dress Beyoncé for the 17 videos that comprise the “visual album.”

“Each of us did a different group — I did five of them, B. Akerlund did four, our good friend Marni Senofonte did one or two and a young European stylist [Karen Langley] did two,” said Cooper, explaining that Beyoncé’s go-to stylist, Ty Hunter, hand-picked the fashion team and worked on a few of the videos himself.

Surprisingly, Cooper wasn’t asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement. “I think I found out like six months ago. She did 17 videos within a four-month period,” the stylist said. “[Beyoncé]’s absolutely nuts, but she might actually be one of my favorite clients to work with.”

Click through the gallery for the fashion highlights from Beyoncé’s new “visual album.”

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