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Did 'Frozen' almost get you to tear up? Polls!

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SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen Frozen and intend to, stop reading now. If you have seen the animated Disney film, which helped The Hunger Games: Catching Fire heat up the box office over the long Thanksgiving weekend, continue on. 

So I can’t say that watching Frozen made me sob like I — and 88 percent of EW.com readers — did during Toy Story 3, but I came pretty close to tears when I realized that Olaf the Snowman (The Book of Mormon‘s Josh Gad) was prepared to stay with Anna (Kristen Bell), the princess dying of an icy heart, even though he’d melt by the fireplace. I thought perhaps that sacrifice — “Some people are worth melting for” — would be the act of true love that cured Anna. (It wasn’t, which means Olaf lives to, fingers crossed!, get a direct-to-DVD sequel.) Maybe it’s the fact that you’d have to pay $100 to get me to watch Frosty the Snowman melt again, or that Gad’s voice embodies all that is good and imaginative in the world, but it almost got me. Watch Olaf’s showstopper “In Summer” below, then take our polls.