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Throwback Thursday: The best moment from a 'Will & Grace' Thanksgiving

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Queens For A Day Part 1
Chris Haston/NBCU Photo Bank

Will & Grace‘s Jack McFarland is one of my all-time favorite characters to ever grace the small screen. From crafting the greatest 50-second entrance in sitcom history to that time he danced with J.Lo and everything in between, Jack gave me some of my most memorable TV moments. And considering today is Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fitting to relive one of Jack’s many highlights, which happened to occur during one of Will & Grace‘s much-missed Thanksgiving episodes.

When our favorite foursome headed to Queens so Will could meet Vince’s family, things got a little, well, slippery. Watch the clip below:

Nothing will ever be able to fill the hole in my heart that was created when the Will & Grace and Friends — “The One With the Football” –Thanksgiving episodes ceased to exist. Which show is home to your favorite Thanksgiving moments? Sound off in the comments!