November 21, 2013 at 06:26 PM EST

While impatiently awaiting the premiere of Trish Summerville’s Capitol Couture collection — oh yeah, and Catching Fire — there is no shortage of Hunger Games merchandise to peruse.

From girl on fire dresses to Mellark Bakery aprons, retailers alike peddling a cornucopia of official and unofficial clothing, jewelry, accessories, and more.

But there’s plenty of crappy stuff that even shopping addict Effie Trinket wouldn’t buy.

Click through our gallery to see 10 of the worst Hunger Games-inspired products on the market. 

Happy Hunger Games?

The Games aren’t exactly a festive event, so instead of buying this banner, why not pick up an “I Am The Danger” Breaking Bad-inspired pendant, the perfect decor item for a winter binge-watching party.

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