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'Scandal,' 'Arrow,' more TV scoop: Spoiler Room

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Spoiler Room
Warwick Saint/FOX; Justin Stephens/The CW; Craig Sjodin/ABC

A Gladiator teases his backstory, scoop on Arrow’s “Bericity,” and Mindy promises nudity — all that and more in this week’s Spoiler Room.

And if you’re not eating what we’re serving here, drop me a line with scoop requests at spoilerroom@ew.com.


As last week’s episode of Scandal proved, just when you think we’ve learned everything there is to know about the characters on this show, yet another crazy secret about their past comes to light. And soon, teases Columbus Short,  it’ll be Harrison’s turn when an upcoming episode teaches us just how this Gladiator earned his armor. “You’re going to see a different side of Harrison — a more edgy, dark, and very, very interesting side of Harrison,” he says. “I was talking to [executive producer] Betsy [Beers] about this, but how did he start buttoning his armor? Harrison never lets himself get worked up, and when he does, he kind of always pulls it back together. Why is that? What is it in him that he never let himself go Incredible Hulk? It’s because of something in his past. He lost it and made a mistake and did something he regretted in the past.”

And the challenge was one Short was more than up for, considering Harrison has been such an enigmatic character up until this season. “Where Harrison’s going is so special and so interesting,” he says. “I’m excited to see where it goes.”

Meanwhile, creator (and future author!) Shonda Rhimes and the writers are hard at work on the midseason closer, which she says will — as we probably expected — blow our minds. “What I love about how we’re gonna sort of close out 2013 with these characters is I feel like where we started at the beginning of the year and where we’re taking it by the end of 2013, they’re in such completely different places,” she says. “It’s so surprising in terms of all of them, really, and where they all end up by the end of the season. I feel like hopefully we’re gonna have another one of those moments where people are going to be saying, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe they’re going there.'”


If your heart broke for poor Felicity after Oliver and Isabel’s hook-up, you’re not alone! But rest assured, she’s not going to spend the next batch of episodes crying into a bucket of Häagen-Dazs. As it has been reported, Barry Allen, who debuts in the Dec. 4 episode, is going to be catching Felicity’s eye, and while loyal Olicity shippers might not be excited about that news, Andrew Kreisberg is confident they’ll win you over yet.

“I think that as many people are shipping Olicity, halfway through episode 8, there are going to be just as many people shipping Bericity,” he says. “They’re amazing together…we always know Grant [Gustin] was destined to be Barry, but once we saw him and Emily [Bett Rickards] together, it was even more clear because they’re just so good together.”

As for Oliver and Felicity, Kreisberg says they will remain on unsure ground. “I think they’re taking baby steps toward feeling each other out about the possibility of maybe one day that maybe something maybe could possibly maybe be something more than friends and co-vigilantes,” he said, laughing at his extra-cautious phrasing. “They’re as star-crossed, in a way, as Oliver and Laurel. But star-crossed is a good thing for a superhero. It means we need a lot more episodes to get to that.”

By the way, in case you missed it, check out Arrow’s new mask!


If this upcoming episode of The Mindy Project were a movie, it’d be called Jeremy Reed: Thin with a Vengeance. In the episode, which Mindy Kaling spoke to me about at a recent Fox event, Jeremy is once again his svelte self and intends to capitalize on it. “The tables turn on his and Adam Pally’s character, who’s kind of had it pretty easy in the first 11 episodes. So tides kind of shift and you get to see Jeremy regaining his mojo,” Kaling tells us. “So today, without revealing too much, he was tasked with having what can only be described as a ménage à trois.”

And that’s not the only raciness coming up, she says. “This week was the nudity week. We shot an episode where all the series regulars had to be naked. I’m naked…Chris Messina and I had to be naked,” she says. Wait. Record scratch. Mindy and Danny…naked? Together? “It was very farcical,” Kaling clarifies. “There’s an episode called ‘Danny Castellano Is My Personal Trainer,’ and we get to see each other more intimately.”

It’s all in the name of art, though, she says. “Chris has had to do a lot of that stuff; I mean, we all do. I had to do a naked shower last year. But I didn’t realize that for a network where you really can’t show a lot of nudity, we really push it as far as possible,”  she says. The episodes are set to air in 2014.