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George W. Bush visits 'Tonight,' shows off painting of Jay Leno

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Tuesday night’s edition of The Tonight Show welcomed former president George W. Bush. Sorry — make that former president, current painter. (You may remember Bush’s work from earlier this year, when a hacker obtained images of three “in progress” pieces from the president’s personal email account.)

Forty-three explained that he’s been taking painting lessons in Dallas before Leno showed off a pair of the president’s pieces, including a painting of the Bush family’s late Scottish Terrier Barney — star of numerous White House Christmas videos — and one of his cat, Bob. (Bob is so named so that Bush “can remember how to spell it when I get older,” he said.)

And then Dubya pulled out his trump card: A portrait of a smirking Jay Leno, complete with American flag pin and the Los Angeles skyline behind him. When receiving the painting, Leno seemed truly impressed and touched.


Bush’s present also seemed to throw the Tonight host off his game; as Leno joked, “I can’t make fun of him now!” It’s true — when Bush’s wife Laura took a seat next to her husband, Leno was reduced to hard-hitting questions such as “when the president had that heart scare, how scary was that?” (Yes, that topic led to an Obamacare joke; yes, Bush seemed to enjoy it very much.)