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'Castle': Did you see the [spoiler] twist coming?

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CASTLE Disciple
Richard Cartwright/ABC

Well done, show. Well done.

I had my eye on Monday night’s episode of Castle for a few reasons — the biggest of which being that I loved the idea that a killer had seemingly created physical clones of Lanie and Espo. (!!) What was the killer’s connection to them? What was his or her evil angle? Would this new, totally twisted person get nabbed during the hour or be around for a while?

The answer: This person’s already been around for a while.

It was all the work of 3XK.

The moment it was revealed he was the one behind the strange happenings, I berated myself for not seeing it a mile away. To be fair, though, the writers made sure to take many twists and turns to throw us off the scent. Plus, as you’ll recall, the last time we saw 3XK he was taking taking a 100-foot dive off a bridge. Even though the absence of a body after his tumble signaled that he’d be back, I didn’t connect the dots.

The team was also thrown for a loop, and didn’t catch on until close to the end of the episode. But by the time, 3XK was once again in the wind, this time apparently with a girlfriend who specializes for plastic surgery. (She was the one who did the work on the Lanie and Esposito look-a-likes, who were tasked with impersonating the real deals and stealing the evidence tied to 3XK.) So who KNOWS what he’ll look like next time.

Speaking of which, there WILL be a next time. We know this to be true because he left Castle and Beckett an uber-creepy musical message in the form of “We’ll Meet Again” by Vera Lynn. (Video embedded below to give you the willies.) Frankly, I can’t wait. But I’m betting Castle and Beckett are a little less excited.

So, gang, did you see the twist coming? Or were you as caught off guard as I was? Also, did anyone else have a BRIEF moment where they thought Castle was a post-surgery 3XK? For half a second, I thought, ‘What if he kidnapped Rick and made a swap while Beckett wasn’t around? BECKETT, run!’ But then I realized the episode was 1) not a two-parter and 2) almost over. Thanks, logic! Though, how insane would have that been? What if NEXT TIME he comes back looking like Rick? Okay, I have to stop now. I’m already paranoid enough.