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'Arrow': Should Steven McQueen play Nightwing? -- POLL

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Steven R Mcqueen
David Livingston/Getty Images

I feel powerless. As I type this, potentially criminal casting conversations could be taking place concerning one of my favorite shows, and I can do nothing about it. Correction: I can do one thing about it, and that one thing is write. So call me The Scribe, give me a fancy new mask, and throw me into the action, because I’m ready to save Starling City.

Okay, maybe that was a little dramatic, but superheroes need big entrances. Here’s the situation: My team has detected some casting rumors surrounding Arrow and the potential addition of Nightwing. Apparently, word is going around Twitter town that The Vampire Diaries‘ Steven McQueen has been campaigning for the role. I was able to dig up some proof in order to properly assess the situation. My findings are as follows:

McQueen has tweeted about this Nightwing character a number of times. From meeting with execs …

…to talking with the comic’s author, Kyle Higgins (and tagging the Arrow writers).

We can’t say McQueen hasn’t been persistent. There has even been a #McQueenForNightwing hashtag on Twitter. And now, Arrow showrunner Greg Berlanti seems to be catching on to the idea.

My mission: Stop this from happening. Perhaps I’m being cynical, but that’s what being stranded on an island for five years obsessing over TV shows will do to you.

For me, the idea of Jeremy Gilbert in a skintight superhero costume is physically appealing, yes. I’m sure that would look pretty. However, I’m not too excited about the prospect as a whole. I love little Gilbert, but I’m not convinced McQueen could hold his own in Starling City. Being a superhero isn’t easy, from properly emoting from behind a mask to essentially playing two characters (thanks to a secret identity). And then there’s the whole tortured-soul thing most of them seem to harbor underneath it all.

Plus, I’m having trouble picturing Jeremy’s puppy eyes and soft voice fighting crime. I guess he could use Arrow‘s fancy voice changer, but that doesn’t solve all our problems. Could he deliver the necessary charisma? Could he strike fear into the hearts of bad guys? Could he make me laugh (on occasion)? I’m not so sure, but I’m willing to be persuaded. What do you guys think? Vote below!

*Disclaimer: The fate of Starling City hangs in the balance*