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The Kennedy Half-Century

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THE KENNEDY LEGACY Author Larry Sabato examines the slain president's lasting impact

The Kennedy Half-Century: The Presidency, Assassination, and Lasting Legacy of John F. Kennedy

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Larry J. Sabato
Bloomsbury USA
Nonfiction, History

We gave it an A

Sabato’s own contribution to this fall’s bounty,The Kennedy Half-Century, analyzes JFK’s presidency and its impact on the nine presidents who’ve followed him. He devotes more than a quarter of his book to a fair-minded summary of conspiracy theories — to the mysteries and anomalies that engendered them, and to the cynical post-Vietnam, post-Watergate mindset in which they’ve flourished. Sabato ultimately finds the case against Oswald ”overwhelming,” but he admits, in a nuanced double-negative, that ”the chance of some sort of conspiracy…is not insubstantial.” So who might have helped or encouraged Oswald? Sabato’s not guessing, but he claims the CIA isn’t telling all it knows. A