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Fall TV's 7 flops: What went wrong?

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Pilots Lucky 7

They’re the Unlucky 7: New broadcast shows that have tanked in the ratings. They’re not the only freshman flops this fall, but these are the seven with the most creatively intriguing face-plants. Most are still on the air and could improve — perhaps even go on to lead long healthy lives. Yet none are currently delivering numbers that are likely to earn a second season. From NBC’s The Michael J. Fox Show to ABC’s Betrayal, here’s our list of seven deadly snores. Starting with …

Pilots Lucky 7

Ironside (NBC)

Why it might have worked: Cop shows are TV’s most popular drama genre. It’s based on a classic Raymond Burr hit TV series.

Why it so didn’t: Bad idea, unexciting star, weak execution. In the 1970s, “genius cop in wheelchair who solves crimes” might have been groundbreaking; now there’s a ton of brilliant-yet-troubled Sherlock Holmes wannabes. The original starred Burr when he was a huge star coming off long-running hit Perry Mason; NBC’s had Blair Underwood coming off The Event. The original was critically acclaimed; NBC’s got weak reviews. Lesson learned, right? Nope: NBC is next rebooting Remington Steele and Murder, She Wrote!