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Throwback Thursday: Kerry Washington's vocab in 'Save the Last Dance'

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Kerry Washington Save The Last Dance
Everett Collection

Before she was the ultimate fixer on ABC’s Scandal, Kerry Washington was busy handling other, more rhythmic situations. We’re taking things back to 2001, when I spent my days watching Save the Last Dance on repeat. As my brother counted how many times he had seen Terminator 2: Judgment Day, I counted how many times I watched Sara and Derek fall in love on the dance floor. It was an unhealthy competition that kept us indoors for days, but I’m pretty sure I won (or he’s just not here to defend himself).

By the end of what was probably my 10th viewing, I had not only memorized the words to Ice Cube’s “You Can Do It,” but I’d also made some improvements to my vocabulary. Well, I considered them improvements. My mother didn’t always agree with me. First and foremost, I started saying “a’ight” at the end of all my sentences, much like Canadians do with “eh.” It began with a lot of attitude, but then just turned into a natural part of my speech. And then, by my 20th viewing, “slammin'” was incorporated into my everyday lingo as the new “cool.” Oh yeah, I was a pretty slammin’ sixth-grader, a’ight?

Now, 12 years later, Washington has left Chenille’s vocabulary (but not her attitude) behind, swapped her patterned dresses for all-white suits, and spends less time on the dance floor and more time in the oval office as the President-loving Olivia Pope. But today, we shall call her Chenille…a’ight?

Watch the slammin’ trailer for Save the Last Dance below: