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Katy Perry celebrated the release of her newest album, Prism, last night by throwing a party at the new iHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles — and unleashing live performances of “Dark Horse,” “By The Grace Of God,” “This Moment,” “Unconditionally,” and of course, “Roar” for a room of very happy Katycats.

Things we learned during the Q&A, hosted by Mario Lopez: The most famous person in Perry’s phone is Miley Cyrus. (“I think she’s the most famous person in the world right now!”) Her favorite song to belt out in the car is Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” The strangest thing she’s ever been asked to autograph? a scan of someone’s brain.

And the weirdest thing in her purse: She once carried around locks of hair belonging to Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift in an otherwise empty bag.Turns out Perry, who shared a dressing room with both singers the first time she attended the Grammy Awards, asked Cyrus and Swift for snips to commemorate the occasion.

“I put bows in it and popped them both into my purse and carried those around for a while.” said Perry before adding almost as an afterthought that now everyone knows she’s “a freak.”

Locks of hair aside, the singer also opened up about the personal significance behind Prism. Before her performance of the emotionally packed “By The Grace Of God,” a track Perry recently confessed was inspired by her split with former husband Russell Brand.”It starts off sad but you hear me find my strength through the song.” said Perry of the song. Watch it below:

Perry closed out her one hour set with a performance of her second single, “Unconditionally,” the track she refers to as the “crown jewel” of the album:

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