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My Story review

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TRUE GRIT Kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart details her ordeal in My Story

My Story

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Elizabeth Smart, Chris Stewart
St. Martin's Press

We gave it a B

When 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart was snatched from her Salt Lake City bedroom back in 2002 by a stranger brandishing a wickedly serrated knife, she thought, ”He is going to hurt or kill me!” Yet she did not panic. And over the next nine months, as she endured rape, hunger, thirst, filth, and piercing cold, she refused to cave in to despair. ”The realization that my family would still love me proved to be the turning point,” she writes. ”I would do whatever it took to live.” It’s inspiring to read about her ordeal — what backbone, what grit! — but it’s also tough, since she’s so detailed and graphic. If the book, My Story, has a flaw, it’s that it ends on a weirdly abrupt note, glossing over both Smart’s recovery and her recent children’s advocacy work in just a couple of pages. B