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The Best of Alice Munro

Haven’t read the new Nobelist’s stories? Start with these

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The Albanian Virgin
The most unusual tale in Munro’s landmark 1994 collection, Open Secrets, is also the best, venturing far from her usual Canadian setting.

The Bear Came Over The Mountain
This devastating story inspired the 2007 film Away From Her, starring Julie Christie.

The Beggar Maid
Munro’s chronicle of a mismatched couple contains a novel’s worth of life.

Carried Away
Read this decades-spanning tale for its stunning conclusion.

Family Furnishings
A young girl discovers the power and perils of writing fiction.

The Love of a Good Woman
Munro paints a haunting portrait of a small-town murder.

The Turkey Season
This story, set largely in a turkey-gutting plant, marks the first time Munro wrote about gay romance.

A Wilderness Station
Many voices tell this epistolary tale about settling the northern Canadian frontier.