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Did zombies eat 'The Good Wife' ratings?

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Broadcast entertainment show ratings were down-down-down Sunday night. ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Revenge and Betrayal were all down between 11 and 18 percent among adults 18-49. CBS’ Amazing Race, Good Wife and The Mentalist were down between 13 and 25 percent, with all three hitting series lows.

Hmm. It’s almost like there was some huge show premiering on cable that was drawing away everybody’s attention. But if there was a show like that, surely we would have heard about it, right?

In all seriousness: In addition to AMC’s The Walking Dead premiere, the ratings for which will be coming in later today, NBC had stronger-than-usual Sunday Night Football numbers, the Redskins-Cowboys game up 7 percent from last year. Plus, Fox had baseball, though that wasn’t really higher rated than the network’s usual animated comedies. Full chart:

UPDATE: The Walking Dead ratings are in!

FOX 7:00P NFL OVERRUN #1 8.0 23,126
7:30P NFL OVRRN/THE OT #3 6.3 18,145
8-11P (TIGER&RDSOX) #6 2.4 8,261
ABC 7-8P AMR-VIDEOS-ABC P #15t 1.1 5,150
8-9P ONCE-TIME-ABC #7 2.3 7,357
9-10P REVENGE-ABC #10 1.7 6,018
10-11P BETRAYAL-ABC #17 0.9 3,004
CBS 7-8P 60 MINUTES-CBS #11 1.5 10,579
8-9P AMAZNG RCE-CBS #9 1.8 8,072
9-10P GOOD WIFE-CBS #14 1.2 8,358
10-11P MENTALIST-CBS #12t 1.3 9,354
NBC 7:00P FTBL-P1SUS-NBC #8 1.9 5,674
7:30P FTBL NT-P2-NBC #5 3.2 8,725
8:00P FTBL NT-P3-NBC #4 5.8 15,631
830-11P (RDSKN&COWBY) #2 7.3 19,645