October 11, 2013 at 04:00 AM EDT

The first album I ever bought
Alexis Krauss Weezer’s Blue Album. When I heard ”Say It Ain’t So,” it literally ruptured my brain.
Derek Miller Mine was Ooooooohhh… On the TLC Tip. I was obsessed with ”What About Your Friends.”

My first real concert experience
Miller To the Extreme tour, Vanilla Ice. I was in middle school, and I was so obsessed. We were all wearing Z. Cavariccis because Hammer and Ice both wore pants like that.
Krauss Counting Crows. ”Long December” was my jam! I remember being super bummed because I’m pretty sure Adam Duritz was wasted. I think at one point he, like, fell over.

The first album I was obsessed with
Krauss Probably Alanis Morissette, Jagged Little Pill. In ”You Oughta Know,” there’s that line ”Would she go down on you in a theater/Does she speak eloquently?” So there were two really big learning lessons — not only the word eloquently, but I asked my mom, ”What does ‘going down on you in a theater’ mean?” She explained it in a very good mom way.

The song that reminds me of my first crush
Miller ”Unchained Melody,” the Righteous Brothers. My first date was when Ghost was in theaters, the song from the pottery scene.

The best pre-party music
Miller We’re both huge Ghostface [Killah] fans. Every night [on tour], we would listen to the first five or six songs of Pretty Toney.
Krauss That’s in the dressing room, where we’re screaming and, like, punching each other. [Laughs]
Miller Lots of whiskey and Ghostface.

The music that people might not expect me to love
Miller I’m an unironic fan of artists like Celine Dion. ”All by Myself” is an incredible song. I’ve heard them my whole life, and I can appreciate them on many different levels.

The song that makes me cry
Krauss Sinéad O’Connor, ”Nothing Compares 2 U.” I remember driving with my mom and it came on the radio, and she just instantly welled up. I think that passed on to me.

My favorite jukebox jam
Miller Fleetwood Mac, ”Gypsy.” For me, this is going home and hanging out in Florida bars all night: playing lots of pool, drinking lots of whiskey, doing a lot of everything.
Krauss Probably Madonna’s ”Like a Prayer.” My great group of girls in high school, we had a choreographed dance to it. So when you’ve had a certain number of drinks or one of those girls is around and that song comes on, that dance inevitably happens.

Music that reminds me of my hometown
Krauss Mariah Carey, ”Always Be My Baby.” [This is] totally slow-dancing awkwardly with boys at school dances where you don’t quite touch and you’re looking at your friend the whole time like, Can this stop, please?

The song I want at my funeral
Miller ABBA, ”Dancing Queen.” There will be no violins, I will make it a party. People will think I’m being an ironic s—, but who wants people to show up to their funeral and just sit around soaking the grass in tears?
Krauss I’m a big Curtis Mayfield fan, so ”Never Let Me Go.” Followed by ”Dancing Queen.” [Laughs]

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