Lindsey Bahr
October 11, 2013 AT 07:20 PM EDT

In A.C.O.D. Adam Scott plays an Adult Child of Divorce trying to manage his parents’ combative relationship so that they might be able to co-exist at his brother’s (Clark Duke) imminent wedding.

The delightful Sundance movie features an all-star cast, including Richard Jenkins and Catherine O’Hara as the divorced parents in question, Scott’s Parks and Recreation wife Amy Poehler as his wicked stepmother, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jane Lynch, and Jessica Alba.

We decided to subjected Scott and his onscreen brother to our Pop Culture Personality Test — which can really bring out generational divides. Example: One of them is very upset about the Star Wars prequels, while the other still isn’t over the way The O.C. faltered after its first season.

A.C.O.D. is currently in theaters.

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