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Miley Cyrus talks VMAs & more on 'Today'

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Newsflash, guys: All along, Miley’s been acting this way because she wants attention. I’ll pause while you pick your fallen monocles off the floor.

The 20-year-old revealed her dastardly strategy this morning on Today, telling Matt Lauer that her notorious VMAs performance “went exactly as planned” — after all, “it’s a month later and we’re still talking about it.” And when Lauer asked Cyrus if she’s surprised by the attention she’s been getting lately, Cyrus answered, “Not really. I mean, it’s kind of what I want. I’m an artist so I’m hoping I get a little attention. Otherwise, my record sales might be a little sketch.”

Quelle surprise! What’s next, the notion that men find Scarlett Johansson attractive?

Kidding aside, Cyrus did make a few revealing statements during the interview — including these:

On provocation

“I don’t ever really plan to offend people, but sometimes that just happens because I think people, they’re not open to what they don’t understand. But that’s why what I’m doing is for my fans, because they’re all really young, so they understand what I’m doing.”

On whether she’s just going through a phase

“I heard when you turn 40, things start to go a little less sexual. So probably around 40, around that time. I heard that’s when people don’t have sex anymore.”

On Sinead O’Connor

“I think she is an incredible artist and I was inspired by her for my ‘Wrecking Ball’ video, which started the whole thing. I don’t know how someone can start a fight with someone that’s saying, ‘I respect you and love what you did…’ That was crazy. But I’m a big fan of hers, so it doesn’t really matter.”

On her relationship with her parents

“My parents have always been about really being who you are and figuring that out. And what’s good about that is I trust them a lot, so I can go to them with pretty much anything…That’s what real love is, is unconditional. And that means it doesn’t depend on what you’re doing. That means they love you no matter what, and that’s what parents are supposed to be.”

On what’s next

“My plan is focusing on right now and continuing what I’m doing. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my whole life. I’m happy to be here.”