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'Beauty and the Beast' react: It ain't easy being beastly

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Beauty And The Beast
Mark Holzberg/The CW

I’m starting to think getting into a relationship with a supernatural beast isn’t a good idea.

Beauty and the Beast returned for its second season earlier tonight, and things aren’t going well for our young heroine Catherine (Kristin Kreuk). The premiere picked up three months after the finale, and, as one might have expected, they are all still dealing with some serious fallout.

First things first: Gabe is alive! I for sure thought he had bit the dust when he was shot multiple times, but thanks to some quick acting by Catherine, Gabe is alive – and no longer a beast. Talk about an upgrade. He’s back working at the prescient along with an increasingly-annoyed Tess. They’re both wondering when Catherine is going to give up on looking for the still-missing Vincent (Jay Ryan). Clearly, they don’t know what show they are on: She’d rather die than call it quits with her beloved!

Beast’s mythology got deeper this hour, eschewing the case-of-the-week in favor of some pretty enticing backstory. Namely, Catherine’s real father (whom viewers met in the last minutes of the finale) works for the government and he actually hired Mierfield (the famed Big Bad of the series that we actually met for the first time tonight) to run those infamous experiments on Vincent and others all those years ago. Catherine still doesn’t know he’s her father, but the two have a chilling meet and greet at a party. Her sister does know the truth about Catherine’s paternity, so it’s clear that this will all be unraveling sometime in the near future.

While parts of the hour seriously dragged (I’m curious: How many viewers care about Tess?) it was interesting to see the show reset the main doomed love between Catherine and Vincent. Catherine (with an assist from JT and Gabe) managed to locate and rescue Vincent, but he doesn’t remember anything – including meeting Catherine at all. Talk about being rejected. Catherine promises him that she’s going to stick around until he gets better, but when she leaves to go to a party remembering the man she believes is her father, Vincent uses a tranquilizer gun on JT(!) and escapes the apartment to track down Muirfield.

In the most action-packed segment of the hour, a supercharged (Check those teeth!) Vincent runs through the streets of New York, looking for Muirfield. But when he finds him in a secret lab, it turns out Catherine is there as well. Although Vincent doesn’t know that Catherine is his girlfriend, when the building is filling with toxic chemicals and about to explode, his instincts still lead him to save her — and let Muirfield temporarily go free. Vincent jumps out of a burning building with Catherine in his arms (and you thought it was romantic when your boyfriend brings home a pizza!) and a swooning — and out of breath — Catherine tells Vincent that this is how they met and fell in love the first time around. Vincent still doesn’t remember her, but he’s clearly going to fall in love all over again.

What did you all think of Beast’s premiere? What mystery are you hoping the show solves next? (I’m going to need more JT backstory, please.)