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'Drop Dead Diva' postmortem: Brooke Elliott on that final moment

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Drop Dead Diva
Richard Ducree/Lifetime

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched this week’s episode of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva, stop reading now. Star Brooke Elliott (Jane) gives us her take on the final twist and teases what’s to come.

After Owen (Lex Medlin) heard Stacy (April Bowlby, pictured) is pregnant and decided it’s her call if and when she wants to tell the child he’s the sperm donor, Owen (Lex Medlin) and Stacy hugged — then kissed. If you were shouting, “No, no, no, no” at your TV, you’re not alone. “My reaction to it was, ‘No, no, no, no,'” Elliott says, laughing. “It was exactly that. I think April Bowlby’s reaction might be the same, and Lex Medlin’s might have been the same. We were like, ‘No, no, NO! NO!’ because we didn’t know how the audience is gonna handle that. I’m kind of on eggshells wondering how they’re gonna handle that.” How does Jane handle it? “Jane’s upset by it because it was her fiancé. Stacy’s her best friend. Don’t get me started,” Elliott says, laughing again. “I’ll play out every scene April and I have after this where I’m yelling at her. I think Jane has always acknowledged Stacy’s selfishness on one hand, but she’s also a fantastic friend at the same time. I think this is the first time where Jane goes, ‘You know what, you’re so selfish, I can’t even deal with you right now.’ I actually like it because we played it quite seriously. We didn’t do it for jokes. Friends confront each other sometimes, and sometimes the friendship lasts and sometimes it doesn’t. I like when we deal with how female friends deal with each other. I think in real life, you would just never talk to your friend again, maybe. Typically, we tend to resolve things quickly as TV shows do, but this doesn’t. It goes on for a good couple of episodes. And even when they resolve it, it’s not just everything is fine now.”

We also saw Jane’s guardian angel Paul (Justin Deeley) tell Jane life is short — if she wants to go for Grayson, who’s now dating Nicole (Annie Ilonzeh), she should. “She doesn’t go quite as far as to try to break them up, but she certainly does look for opportunities where she actually might be able to tell him how she feels,” Elliott says. “And she gets a little gumption later in the season to kind of go for it. I think because Paul gives her a little bit of permission, and Stacy gives her some permission, there’s a part of her going, Why aren’t I doing this, really?