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6 new historical TV dramas (and how to tell them apart)

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Showtime’s Masters of Sex isn’t the only historical drama coming to TV. Below we run down six new and upcoming greenlit drama series with some handy details for distinguishing each. There’s mobsters, pirates, princesses, nerds and more. Let’s start with…

Masters of Sex (Sept. 29) / Showtime

Setting: 1957, Washington University in St. Louis.

Think: Mad Men meets Kinsey.

Plot: The story of Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson, two research pioneers of human sexuality.

Fashion: Golden age collegiate conservative (except when nude).

Accuracy: Based on Thomas Maier’s biography Masters of Sex. Finally, a Hollywood version of history that will be tough to accuse of adding more sex.

Problems of the Era: Widespread prudishness. Alarmingly crude-looking sex toys.