Annie Barrett
September 30, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT

It’s “Hollywood Night” on Planet Mirrorballus! Snooki is apparently channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe/Elizabeth Taylor. In other words, I’m terrified. (Read my full recap of Week 3 here.)

I’ll update this post with the results as soon as the elimination happens. Update: The eliminated couple is…

BILL NYE and his partner TYNE STECKLEIN have been eliminated on Week 3.

A pulled quadricep would have almost surely prohibited The Science Guy from doing any more dances, so this is a good thing! Their robot-themed “jazz” routine tonight (HEAVY air quotes there) earned them only a 16 out of 30. Bill was very convincing, though, playing the role of a member of Daft Punk Trapped in a Cast.

Check this out if you love robots:

Discuss tonight’s Dancing With the Stars here, and stay tuned for my full episode recap later on!

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